Montessori Materials

 Montessori Materials

Montessori method is characterized by the learning materials which are an integral part of the prepared environment. These tactile, child-size and developmentally appropriate educational objects are manipulated by the student to form the basis of various lessons.

A primary goal of Montessori philosophy is: “Help me to do it myself”. We want to encourage children to learn by doing and to incorporate a sense of learning and accomplishment into their everyday tasks and activities. Young children are much more capable than we realize!

When you look into a Montessori classroom, the surroundings are beautifully organized and arranged. It is as if the materials call to the children to take them off the shelves and get to work. There is no jostling about or loud voices. All is calm; there’s a purpose and intense concentration. There is work!

Montessori activities promote self-sufficiency, have a built-in control of error, appeal to the senses, and/or prepare the finger muscles for holding a pencil for writing. Most importantly, they are geared towards a young child’s developmental interests.

Scroll through the gallery of materials to peak into how Montessori children learn!

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