A Child-Centered Education

The Montessori Method is a child centered, alternative educational method based on the child development theories originated by Italian educator Dr. Maria Montessori.

This method of education is characterized by emphasizing self-directed activity, on the part of the child, and clinical observation, on the part of the teacher. It stresses the importance of adapting the child’s learning environment to his or her development level, and the role of physical activity in absorbing abstract concepts and learning practical skills.

The sequence of materials is one of the classic aspects of Montessori education. Lessons proceed from very concrete and hands-on to more abstract and complex ideas. Montessori teachers encourage exploration and growth of each child academically, emotionally and socially, through individual and group activities.
Children have recess in the morning and afternoon, to promote physical activity, cooperative play, and social skills. The result is a total approach that follows the child through stages of development. To compliment the curriculum, we also offer Spanish Lessons, Nutrition Class, Art Class and Physical Education, as well as on-site visits from Animal Sanctuaries, Art Museums, First Responders, etc.

Waves of Wonder Montessori School offers the following programs for children from infancy to Grade 8: Infant, Toddler, Primary, Elementary and Middle.

In addition to the Montessori approach, the school is a Pioneer in Naples, FL as a bilingual school. Infant and Toddlers have Spanish language lessons 3 times a week, whereas Primary as well as our Lower and Upper Elementary students have Spanish lessons every day.

Waves of Wonder also offers Enrichment Programs, such as basketball, piano, #hastagsharps guitar and drums lessons.